Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives - Made in NZ

PureNature is thrilled to announce that we are the exclusive New Zealand distributor for the Organic Bioactives range of hi-potency active ingredients. The recently released OceanDerMX® line offers four unique, synergistic blends of natural extracts - all derived from New Zealand native and locally grown botanicals.  Before we dive into these amazing new products, let’s take a step back and explore the background and ethos of this exciting new company.

About Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives was founded right here in New Zealand by Andrea Taimana, a former PureNature team member! Andrea had been working with local research groups investigating the properties of New Zealand native seaweed extracts which she had been using in her award winning Te Mana range of skincare products. Seeing the results that these extracts were achieving, the decision was made to make them available to other manufacturers and with backing from local investors, Organic Bioactives was born.

Despite their global ambitions, Organic Bioactives has their feet firmly planted in Aotearoa. With part of the business under Maori ownership and the company’s passion for the unique flora and produce available here they understand that respect for the land and sea that shares these precious gifts with them is paramount to the future success of the business. To this end, the company has begun the process of securing land for cultivation of some of the plants used in their formulas. This ground up approach hopes to ensure a consistent and sustainable supply for many years to come.

Over millions of years, New Zealand’s unique geography and isolation have given rise to many incredible species of plants. Our climate and relatively unspoilt environment also allow us to cultivate crops of exceptional quality by world standards. However, harnessing the untapped potential of these taonga in skincare has only begun fairly recently. Organic Bioactives have found a way to maximise the potential of our flora with their patented, cold process “TPT Xtraction™” method which allows the full spectrum of bioactive compounds in plants to be gently harnessed with out the use of chemical solvents.   


The first suite of products to be released are the four OceanDerMX® blends. Centered around New Zealand Red Seaweed and Native Mamaku or Black Fern (Cyathea medullaris) the range offers ‘ready to use’ ingredient blends, the result of 6 years of comprehensive testing and trials. The products are incredibly easy for formulators to work with as the ingredients do not disrupt fragrance, colour, or the aesthetics of the final product. Each blend offers a powerful, evidence-based approach to addressing common beauty concerns.

OceanDerMX® LIFT & FIRM: the foundation blend of Red Seaweed and Mamaku/Black Fern. Effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles due to the firming and lifting cellular properties of its active botanical ingredients. An unrivalled immediate and long-lasting hydration formula that ensures the skin gains or maintains its suppleness, firmness and vitality.

OceanDerMX® RESTORE & PROTECT: Combining Red Seaweed and Mamaku/Black Fern with superior antioxidants; New Zealand grown certified organic Blackcurrants and Green Tea. Maximises restoration and protection of the skin and hair through multiple modes of action.

OceanDerMX® BALANCE & BRIGHTEN: Renowned skin brightening botanicals - New Zealand native Red Seaweed, Gotu Kola and Liquorice Root with Mamaku/Black Fern. Combats uneven skin tone and imperfections effectively and quickly with a synergistic bioactive approach.

OceanDerMX® CALM & SOOTHE: An all New Zealand powerhouse blend of Manuka Honey, Kawakawa, Native Read Seaweed and Mamaku Black Fern. Rich in naturally calming and anti - inflammatory compounds only found in native New Zealand Kawakawa leaves and our famous Mānuka honey. Acts fast to combat blemishes and redness.

Each blend comes as an easy to use, water-soluble solution. Available now from PureNature in 30g, 50g or 100g bottles – 10g samples are also available to purchase if you want to have a play. With recommended usage of 1-5%, a little really does go a long way.

Full product data sheets can be downloaded from each product page or feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

We hope you’re as excited about this unique and inspiring new range as we are, stay tuned for more exciting things to come from Organic Bioactives – this is a company that is destined for big things!

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