Aroma Diffuser, Large Circular - Plain White

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PureNature electronic diffusers are hand-picked for quality, safety, ease of use and stylish design.
Fragrance or essential oils are dispersed into water using ultrasonic vibrations rather than heat so there is no damage to the oil or it's therapeutic properties. The mist also acts to humidfy the air which may provide extra benefits for some users.

- 500ml capacity
- Choose from 2hr or 4hr run time or auto (max 10 hours)
- Automatic shut off when water tank is empty
- Light colour and intensity can be changed or simply turned off
- Adjustable mist spray intensity
- Ultra quiet operation

In order to ensure your diffuser keep working optimally, it is recommended to clean it at least every month.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make up a cleaning solution by adding 20ml of Isopropyl Alcohol to 100ml of fresh water.
  2. Add this to the water reservoir and run your diffuser for about 15mins.
  3. Empty the water reservoir and use you diffuser as per usual.