Cocoa Butter Chips, Unrefined - Organic

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Cocoa Butter is been obtained from the fruit of the Cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao).
The butter extracted from seed kernals is tan coloured and suitable for cosmetics and toiletries.
This particular product has been further formed into small pellets making for easier handling during manufacture.


Cocoa Butter is solid at room temperature, but melts readily on contact with the skin.
It can be used in Creams, lotions, balms, make-up foundations and bar soaps, massage creams, suppositories and a variety of cosmetic and OTC pharmaceutical applications.

Suggested Use Levels:
Lotions & Creams: 3-5% | Balms: 5-100% | Bar Soaps: 3-6% | Hair Conditioners: 2-5%

This product is intended for external use only