DIY Spring Cleaning

DIY Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, the time of year we dust off the cobwebs and clean our homes. Spring is a great time to recharge, start fresh and lighten our surroundings. In the light of spring we tend to spot all those dust bunnies, clutter and dirt a bit more, it’s the perfect time to get out our cleaning supplies. Fortunately nature provides effective materials that clean, refresh and disinfect your home naturally leaving your home clean and safe.

So you might be wondering what can we do?

By simply swapping old cleaners for natural alternatives we can hugely improve our family’s health, our home and environment.

Remember to safely dispose of old cleaners. By swapping them for natural alternatives you can safely clean, de-clutter and improve your home for good.

DIY Cleaners

When cleaning your home, we suggest less is more. Instead of having multiple cleaners for each room, how about making a natural multipurpose spray. A multipurpose spray is a great on all surfaces and eliminates the need for excessive unnecessary cleaners in the cleaning cupboard.

De-clutter as you go

To clean showers and bathrooms and to get marks or stubborn dirt off surfaces we have two recipes to try our Mandarin Cream Cleaner is great as a natural cream cleanser.For a deeper more abrasive cleaner we have Borax Cream Cleanser with lemon.

Swap commercial laundry powder for homemade laundry powder. It’s safer and more affordable. By making your own laundry powder you can choose your favourite essential oils or fragrance and for sensitive skin we recommend going scent free.

As you clean each room bring a box with you, if you can spot something you never use or feel is unnecessary put it in the box, if you still haven't used it after a month give it to charity.

Cleaning your yoga mat

Ward off bacteria and germs from your mat by using a Yoga Mat Cleaner. Here's a natural recipe made with essential oils and rose hydrosol and citric acid that's antibacterial and refreshes your yoga mat ritual.  

Open the windows

Opening the windows at least 15 minutes a day helps fresh air flow and also helps refresh our home of stagnant energy.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers are a fantastic way to refresh a home and purify the air. By using essential oils many of them are antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral. By diffusing them you can kill pathogens in the air that make people get unwell / sick. Even hospitals have started to use them. Not only that, essential oils can be a really subtle yet powerful way to uplift the mood of a room. Also going into spring it’s a great room repellent for keeping mosquitoes and bugs away.