What is Hemp Seed Oil Used For?

What is Hemp Seed Oil Used For?

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

You may have seen Hemp Seed Oil popping up around you lately and be wondering what it is and how to use it.  We are going to have a look at what Hemp seed oil is along with the basic properties and how to formulate with it in skincare.

Hemp is an ancient crop, used for thousands of years to produce oil, food, and fibre.  For a while Hemp got grouped with Marijuana as a drug, but in recent years this has been debunked and a resurgence in Hemp products is taking place.


Why choose Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed is becoming an increasingly popular oil in beauty and person care products.  Despite being from the same family as the marijuana plant, hemp and its derivatives do not produce any intoxicating effects.

  • The essential fatty acids can be useful in assisting skin conditions.
  • A regenerative oil for mature and dry skin.
  • Can be soothing for irritated skin.
  • Hemp is said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

These effects are thought to be from the linoleic, linolenic and stearidonic acids.


Using Hemp Seed Oil in Skincare Products

Looking at the properties above Hemp Seed would be suitable in many types of products some of our favourites are Healing/Soothing Balms, Body Butters, Facial Oils, Soaps, Sugar Scrubs etc – check out our NZ Hemp Seed Facial Serum here.  You could also add approx. 3% to our moisturiser lotion base.


Hemp Seed Oil at PureNature

We have available three types of Hemp Seed Oil depending on what your requirements are:

Hemp Seed Oil, Cold Pressed, New Zealand - Our go to, we are so excited to have this product now available and to be able to support NZ suppliers and growers. Each batch is pressed to order for us.

Hemp Seed Oil, Organic, Canada – A bio-gro certified Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Heart Oil, CP, Organic – For those after a Hemp Seed Oil with little colour or smell.  The seeds are grown in China and then hulled and pressed here in NZ to ensure purity and freshness.