Unicorn Bath Dust

Unicorn Bath Dust

Add a little oomph to your bath with this Unicorn Magic Bath Dust. Sprinkle awesomeness and pamper yourself in a rejuvenating and fun bath!


Makes 200gm



Citric Acid



Sodium Bicarbonate



Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

20 drops


Orange '5 Fold' Essential Oil 

4 Scoops


Magic Violet Mica

 4 Scoops


Yellow Magic Mica

4 Scoops


Sweetheart Rose Mica

1 Scoops


Brilliant Blue Lake

1/2 Scoop of each


Sunset Yellow + Brilliant Blue Lake = Green (1 Scoop)


Mixing Bowl
Beakers/Measuring Cups
Silicone Spatula
15cc mini scoops
Digital Scales 
Electric Beater
Dust Mask


  1. Wearing a dust mask - weigh the citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and SLSA into a bowl.
  2. Drop the essential oil into the powders and mix well.
  3. Divide the powder into 5 even parts each in its own beaker/cup/missing bowl.
  4. Add the scoop/s of colour to each one and mix well.
  5. Pour the first colour into a jar and pack it down with the end of something flat, repeat for all colours until jar is full.
  6. Keep the lid on when not in use so it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Please Note: Colours (especially mica) will sometimes leave a slight colour ring around the bath that may need to be cleaned off after the bath. We haven’t used green or blue mica’s as they are not approved for bath use.

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