Zinc and Clary Sage Deodorant Cream

Zinc and Clary Sage Deodorant Cream

A beautiful deodorant emulsion. Loads of underarm loving ingredients and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.


Makes 100gm

A - 11gm


Calendula Infused Oil 

A - 5gm


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

A - 4gm 


Olivem 1000

B - 62gm


Tea Tree Hydrosol 

B - 14gm


Zinc Oxide

 B - 0.3gm


Xanthan Gum

B - 2gm


Vegetable Glycerine

C- 0.5gm


Liquid Germall Plus

C - 1gm


Vitamin E - Natural Mixed Tocopherol

C - 12 drops


Mandarin Essential Oil

C - 10 drops


Clary Sage Essential Oil


Pyrex Jug (heat resistant)
Spoon/Glass Stirrer
Beakers or Mixing Cups
Silicone Spatula
Digital Scales 
Double Boiler
Hand Blender
2 x Amber Pots 60ml or 2 x Medium Aluminium Tins


  1. Weigh out all of (A) ingredients. Place them in the pyrex jug and melt them using double boiler.
  2. In a small beaker weigh the zinc oxide and put aside.
  3. Weigh out the glycerin and xanthan gum and then add together in another small beaker and slurry (mix) with a stirring rod.
  4. Weigh the hydrosol and put into a pyrex jug add the glycerin/xanthan gum to this and pop into another double boiler and start heating, once it has started warming add the zinc oxide stirring along the way.
  5. Once part (A) and part (B) are both at 70 degrees, slowly pour while blending, part (A) into part (B).
  6. When the formula is under 45 degrees add (C) ingredients. Stir/blend until completely mixed.
  7. Pour into desired containers and allow to cool before placing on lids (amber pots, aluminium tins etc) You can use a variety of size containers so you have some for home and travel.
  8. To use: apply a small amount to the underarm.

Note: You can substitute the liquid germall for microcare db. And you can swap the tea tree hydrosol for another hydrosol.

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