Shea Butter, Yellow - Unrefined

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Our new Ghanaian, unrefined Shea is a heavenly creamy, soft and silky Shea that is hand-made in rural Ghana.
Made the traditional way, the crushed Shea nuts are roasted over an open fire so the finished butter has a mild smokey smell.
Yellow Shea gets its colour from the addition of the bark from the Borututu plant
(Cochlospermum angolensis) which is added during the boiling stage. Borututu is used in traditional medicine and has been shown to have antioxidant properties. 

We purchase our Ghanaian Shea from a collective whose mission is to help eradicate poverty through the empowerment of the rural women of Ghana. As the manufacturing process is traditional and requires only basic equipment the collective has quickly been able to improve the lives of over 1000 women in rural Ghana and more are being assisted every day.
Please note: due to the artisanal and unrefined nature of this product, it is not uncommon to find foreign matter in the butter. The colour and texture may also vary considerably.

Suggested Uses:
Lotions & Creams: 3-5% | Balms: 5-100% | Bar Soaps: 3-6% | Hair Conditioners: 2-5%

This product is intended for external use only