Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

A wonderful beginners recipe loaded with skin loving ingredients. This is a great way to get started in making your own natural face moisturiser.


Makes 100gm

A - 76gm


Demineralised Water

A - 4gm 


Vegetable Glycerine

B - 4gm 


Olivem 1000

B - 1.5gm


Stearic Acid

B - 5gm


Fractionated Coconut Oil

B - 2gm


Macadamia Oil

B - 1.5gm


Jojoba Oil

B - 2gm


Shea Butter 

B - 0.3gm


Xanthan Gum

C - 1gm


Microcare DB Preservative

C - 2gm


Provitamin B5

C - 0.2gm


Vitamin E - Natural Mixed Tocopherols

C - 0.5gm


Essential Oils of Choice


2 x 200ml Beakers
1 x 40ml Beakers
PH Strips
Digital Scales 
Stick Blender
Citric Acid Solution
Cosmetic Pots


  1. Make sure all equipment is clean and sterilised.
  2. Combine ingredients in phase (A) in beaker. Heat to 70 – 75°C in double boiler.
  3. Combine phase (B) ingredients in a separate beaker and heat to 70 - 75°C in the double boiler.
  4. When both phases (A) & (B) are heated to approx. 70 – 75°C, add phase (A) to phase (B) and mix under high shear with sticker blender until homogenous, smooth and glossy. Allow to cool under constant stirring.
  5. When cooled below 40°C, add ingredients from phase (C) and mix well.
  6. Allow to cool to 25°C. Adjust pH to between 5 – 5.5 and pour into jars or bottles with serum pump.

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